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Author:Bryant Durrell
Posted:9/21/2000; 7:30:22 AM
Topic:Asking Tim
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I'm a little confused, as per usual. I don't see how the Dumbill article referenced above makes it clear that Dale is in charge. My perception is that Dale was someone asking questions, which as I recall is an encouraged activity.

The bits involving Dale:

This essay was originally part of an email in response to a message from Dale Dougherty asking whether RDF was important or just a dead end. The question was asked in the context of extending the RSS XML format, used to syndicate "site summary" headline information around the web. At WWW9 recently there was a spontaneous discussion about extending RSS involving Dale, Dave Winer, David Galbraith from Moreover and various others.


Dale writes: one wonders what anyone would really do with these RDF statements. There has been lots of talk of directed graphs and visual & site maps, etc. but that seems impractical.

And, I guess:

A closing thought on why Dale says RSS "appears to be working". Is it that RSS files are simple to create? Well, yes, but only partly. HTML is a lot more complex, and an enormous amount of people create pages of reasonable complexity all the time.

Those are all the Dale references in the article.

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