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Re: Asking Tim

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:9/21/2000; 7:49:14 AM
Topic:Asking Tim
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There's more to it. I was doing the work on the RSS 0.91 spec in response to a feature request that Dale made in Amsterdam. Edd's post was reflecting an off-list email discussion where Dale is exploring alternatives to the work I was doing at the same time.

I came out of the Amsterdam meeting with two main action items: First, to get the various XML-RPC implementations validating, and second to get a foundation in place for a discussion about the evolution of RSS. I am so busy Bryant, I put a whole week into that spec. It's not wasted, but I was at least working *with* Dale, if not *for* him.

To me, and that's the only pov I represent, Dale was in charge at that time. Clearly in retrospect, that was how Dale viewed it too. He didn't ask me if I thought that the RDF+Namespaces approach was the way forward in RSS. He just did it. He had plenty of opportunity to tell me he wanted to do it. He almost certainly knew how I felt about it.

So was Dale in charge? Clearly.


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