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Re: Asking Tim

Author:Tim O'Reilly
Posted:9/21/2000; 8:11:05 AM
Topic:Asking Tim
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You said:

If they had a problem with the copyright, this is the first I'm hearing about it.

I'm sorry I can't help you there. It was just hearsay, not directly from any of the participants. It may be incorrect. However, I did hear from a number of people (not those involved in the proposed RSS 1.0 spec) that they thought at the time that reissuing the RSS 0.91 spec with a userland copyright was a bit tacky. I can understand why you did it, though, and I don't have a problem with it.

As to your comment:

As to how this discussion got started, check it out, I didn't start the thread. I pointed to your P2P summit from Scripting News, and one of my readers posted a pretty harsh comment here. You got in the loop, started making statements about me, and I responded.

What about Scripting News, September 19?:

Tim O'Reilly held a P2P "summit" yesterday.

David Stutz, Gene Kan, Ray Ozzie and Dan Gillmor were there. I wish I had been. I could learn a lot from each of them. Wouldn't you have wanted to hear what I think about P2P? I'm curious. Are you? If there are going to be more meetings like this, I want to be there. Ask Tim to explain why I'm not invited, and see if you accept the reason.

If that isn't starting the discussion, you and I don't live on the same planet. And in fact, the comments I responded to were from one of your readers who said "the answer is pretty obvious".

Let's not spend a lot of time rehashing this, Dave. It's pretty obvious to most people that you've been the one picking fight after fight with me, and then asking in a puzzled way why I'm not wanting to work with you.

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