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Stifling On-Line Participation (ClueTrain)

Author:Erik L. Neu
Posted:9/27/2000; 9:13:41 AM
Topic:Stifling On-Line Participation (ClueTrain)
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The quote below from a piece by Steve Outing seemed apropos of some discussions that have occurred in this community. Also in relation to ClueTrain (markets are conversations, conversations occur between humans who have human voices).

>>One former online newspaper worker says she had some of her comments posted to a discussion forum published in an industry column. "I got called on it and told in no uncertain terms that it would not happen again," she says. "That created a no-talk policy within the Web team. We wouldn't respond to anyone [on discussion lists]. That was a really bad thing since [my paper] was trying to do a bunch of new things that no one ever knew about. Had we been able to garner some outside support or talk with others about our ideas, some of those ideas might have come to light."

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