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Re: Speaking Up About The DG

Author:Jim Roepcke
Posted:9/29/2000; 12:42:55 AM
Topic:Speaking Up About The DG
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I think the best time/mode for Scripting News was when it was the Scripting News page, DaveNet, and the Scripting News/DaveNet "mail" page.

Dave received an interesting e-mail, and he posted them on a page of comments for that day.

It was interactive, but not like this is. Sure, not all points of view got expressed, but ultimately, that won't happen here either because Dave exercises his right to delete messages. (I'm not complaining one iota!)

Do we really need I don't think so. We have,,, etc etc. Everyone who wants to have a discussion can do that in their own space where they aren't wasting Dave's time moderating and everyone worrying about whether or not their comments would stay around or not.

Do we need some way to "organize" all these new discussions? Maybe, maybe not. If we do, we already have 95% of what we'd need.

We can all have a weblog. We have the weblog monitor -- if a discussion shoots off of something on SN or something elsewhere, a weblog on the weblog monitor or on can cover it. We have so many syndication and aggregation tools now, I don't think we need this to be centralized. And we have where all the weblogs/dgs can be indexed and searchable. We wouldn't lose much by braching out.

P2P is about decentralization. I think it would be really cool to see how far we can take that. Let's be brave and do it, I bet it will open up a whole new can of worms that can lead to more great tools and services from UserLand and their partners.


I respect Dave for keeping this DG alive as long as it's been alive, I'm guessing he does it out of respect for the community that's grown around it, not wanting to leave them "out in the cold".

I think it's time to respect Dave's need to spend his time on those things he feels he most needs to spend time on.

In the end, I think we'll all win.


PS: In the spirit of what I am proposing, I invite you to discuss this on the discussion group living on my personal weblog site. (or here, whatever you like!)

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