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So What is a Guy To Do?

Author:Randal Phelps
Posted:9/29/2000; 10:30:45 AM
Topic:So What is a Guy To Do?
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Just as Manila is picking up a little steam in the education (k-12) community it seems like userland is headed off in another direction....I keep evangelizing Manila and yet...I wonder where it will be in 6 months and if it will still be a good product for K-12 use?

Right now there are enough niggling problems that it is hard to turn loose on teachers and kids, no real manual, no real tech is a hacker tool--->but it is so awesome many of us want to run for our kids with our servers and our bandwidth...I have been playing with RU but, what I really need is gems that always work, some decent directions and the option to buy some support if we need it.

I'm sure I'll get a response like---"Well, what exactly doesn't work, or what is the problem with GEMS, or well you need to learn more about Frontier or...." I know many of us in K-12 would like a pour and play (with gems on) Manila server....the test groups I've been working with love the concept and love how it works...but have questions and concerns that are not covered anywhere I've been able to find on the userland sites. (note: I read the digest, sn, newbies etc....but the thoroughness just isn't there...) Don't get me wrong---> I love the product and plan to continue to show it to folks and use it....but, for wider acceptance...a couple of things will need to happen to have people really embrace the "Dave" approach.

btw, because I work in K-12 I am covered in at it.

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