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scriptingNews outline for 11/23/2000

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:11/23/2000; 4:16:44 AM
Topic:scriptingNews outline for 11/23/2000
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DaveNet: The Baby Eagle Story. My Thanksgiving piece.

Via Defenestration via Heart: The Gopher Manifesto.

Seattle has a strike paper, on the Web.

Matt Neuburg: "The new Directory feature of Manila / Radio UserLand makes it easy to publish a Frontier outline in such a way as to make it browsable over the network. Since all the notes I have ever taken over the past fifteen years (ever since I discovered Dave's ThinkTank / MORE) are outlines, I could in theory publish everything I know! (Thereby putting myself completely out of a job!!!)"

This is the best Thanksgiving gift I could get. All the time I've been working with Matt on Frontier stuff, and that's already a long time, the outlining has been in the background. He loves Frontier as a programming environment. I've been struggling to create an easy end-user outliner that also has the programming and communication smarts of Frontier, because I realized in the 80s that outlining lent itself to customization, and that it was all about communication. That's why I did Frontier, and why it has outlining and why when HTTP and HTML came to my attention, I jumped without a second thought. I didn't know Matt when he was a MORE fan, but I read what he wrote about it, and Matt gets it, and Matt writes beautifully about what he gets. For several years I've wanted him to look at our software as a writing environment as MORE was (or is). That's why this is such a gift! I think we're getting close. I'm not going to let up now, we're going to do a lot more tweaking of Radio as an outliner, make it easier and streamlined and focused on writing and communicating. And when you lift the hood, you'll find a lot of juicy stuff waiting to be customized.

O'Reilly: XML-RPC in Python. "The major, incontestable reason for using XML-RPC is that it works, and works well. With a very minimum of effort, a developer can install and use Python xmlrpclib, communicating with servers built in Python, PHP, Java, Perl, C++, and even COM." Also Frontier. ";->"

Brent: "Last night I installed Red Hat Linux 7 -- and was stunned by the improvements to the desktop."

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