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scriptingNews outline for 12/5/2000

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:12/5/2000; 6:36:20 AM
Topic:scriptingNews outline for 12/5/2000
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Two big things happened last night in Radio UserLand.

1. The Radio site got a new look, the cactus is back, he's in the Swiss Alps, outside Davos. I thought he should be wearing leiderhosen, or a ski cap or scarf, or skis, but Bryan said no. It's the finest looking site I've ever seen. Look at the dot over the I in Radio, see how it's radiating. We pick that up in the badge and the Edit With Radio button. Since we had that design I've been seeing radiating ripples everywhere I look.

2. We released a new download package for Radio, and an upgrader. If you're already a Radio user, please try the upgrader, but do a backup first, and follow the instructions carefully, please. We've erased a lot of the glitches. The first-time profile of Radio now should match the docs. It's an outliner and a Web server. Everything else is turned off by default. However, if you've not tried Radio yet, please wait a couple of weeks until this stuff is fully burned in. First impressions count a lot, we know that, in fact, we live that.

I have to work on my presentations today, and that's the new Manila feature I talked about yesterday. I made it so that Manila can do slideshows that are outlined with Radio, as it does directories. Slideshows are simpler than directories, that's why I was able to code it in a few hours. I'll post an example once I've had some coffee and read the news. Surely the NY Times has a good editorial today. Back in a bit.

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