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scriptingNews outline for 12/18/2000

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:12/18/2000; 5:43:03 AM
Topic:scriptingNews outline for 12/18/2000
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Dan Gillmor: "Most Americans, no matter what their political leanings, want what's best for the nation. That's what I want."

Here's something truly weird. (Weird is good.)

Something else that's truly weird. A weblog tool in Perl that does lots of different syndication formats.

Looks like Moreover is getting some competition. (Competition is good too.)

Joho: "One way or another, P2P will be the future of document management."

Doc Searls: "Blogrolling".

I think I might add Kate Adams to the Pundits list. ";->"

Mary Jo Foley, who is some kind of Pundit (the good kind), won't miss Joachim Kempin, who's being put out to pasture at Microsoft. "Kempin once told me he had written into his contract a stipulation that he didn't have to talk to the press."

InfoWorld: "Putting its heft behind an appetizing new business model, IBM will spend at least $4 billion over the next three years to transform itself into a first-tier player in the on-demand computer services market." Send me some of that money, we'll give you some first-tier stuff, on demand, with a smile and a thank you. ";->"

Brent is succumbing to his demographic group.

Six Degrees is succumbing, period.

Tom Fuerstner is doing a Flash scripting site. Yes!

Here's why I'm so interested. A weblog rendered in Flash. The guy who did it is obviously a first-rate geek and not a very great designer. A blade of grass popping through some very fertile ground. Writers, geeks and designers. I want Scripting News beautifully rendered through Flash by the end of this year. I'll do the writing. Please?

The new POTUS is a Mac user?

I'm working in a really interesting direction this morning, building my own personal My.UserLand running in Radio. I just got the first page working in a rudimentary way and am blown away by the performance. I'm now convinced this is the solution to the scaling issues in syndication. Rendering on the desktop. Give the user a lot more choices, and all the source code (infinite choice). Input is a stream of various syndication formats. Output is the same, with added human intelligence. We all get to be editors, find readers, be part of a distribution system of information. I think we're about to pop through on the next level of moving ideas around the Internet. (And giving them places to "stick" -- that's what directories are for, you know, the timeless weblog thing, the Mind Bomb for early Y2K++.)

What is a Mind Bomb, again? It's defined here. "An idea that's so strange or powerful that it explodes in your mind. And that's a good thing!"

Early morning stuff 

DaveNet: He took a bullet for us.

Red Herring: The PC is dragging Microsoft down. "'The company is maturing,' says Mr. Scott. 'The next wave of growth will come from the server side, with Windows 2000, but we need to see how they are doing with that in the longer term. And another big question is whether Microsoft .Net will surface to be a killer app.' Microsoft is planning on rolling out .Net, its Internet-based software platform, in 2001."

Stewart Alsop: "I have a vision! Unfortunately, my vision may depend on Microsoft."

John Markoff: "There is a widely held industry view that Microsoft has no choice but to gamble on renewing its growth by entering a wide array of new businesses."

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