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scriptingNews outline for 1/6/2001

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:1/6/2001; 7:10:04 AM
Topic:scriptingNews outline for 1/6/2001
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Two-Way-Web: SOAP meets RSS.

BTW, the system described above works and is deployed. It took less than 24 hours to code it top to bottom (we already had working SOAP, XML-RPC and RSS implementations).

To get a system like this running you must have good diagnostics so you can see what the various machines are saying to each other. Check out this screen shot of my Log page. Start with the "Hourly scan" event at 8:01:17AM and read up from there. You'll see a "Please notify" event immediately following the hourly scan because it had just discovered a channel with a element. MUOTD automatically subscribes to any channel that has such an element. Then at 8:05:28AM we get the payoff with the "Channel change" event. At this point all MUOTD does on receipt of such an event is log it.

On the Syndication list: "Basically it flips around the Akamai equation. My goal isn't to get the bits to you as fast as possible while you wait for them, but to have the bits arrive before you even know they're there."

Scott Hansen has been playing with the includeHttp macro. He has one weblog displaying inside another. And vice versa.

I just went for a walk and as I was getting back home I wished for something sweet or salty to eat. "What a schlep it'll be to go to the store," I thought to myself. Checked my mail. There was a box of chocolate-covered macadamia nuts in the mailbox. I kid you not. Five or six would have been enough but there seem to be 200. I'm afraid I'm going to eat them all. Help! ";->"

Another weblog goes bionic with viewRssBox.

The Manila side of notification now works, when I update a channel on my desktop, in a few seconds references to it update within seconds. This feature will be available on all UserLand-hosted Manila sites tomorrow, and is available to Frontier subscribers now. Update Frontier.root and Manila.root.

Reuters: "Fleischer declined to specifically comment on the actions, but said Clinton had been 'pursuing aggressively'' steps that were within his power as president. 'He has been a busy beaver,'' Fleischer said."

Nathan Lineback: Graphical User Interface Timeline.

This lovely plate of sushi is brought to you by Partykeller.

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