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scriptingNews outline for 1/17/2001

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:1/17/2001; 5:32:45 AM
Topic:scriptingNews outline for 1/17/2001
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Dori Smith reviews Late Night's Script Debugger.

Motley Fool: Macromedia Inhales Allaire. "Web design software company Macromedia hopes the purchase of Allaire will boost its business, but economic effects that have damaged the company's customer base will nevertheless lead to slower growth in the upcoming fiscal year."

WebReference: HTTP for HTML Authors.

Joel on Microsoft non-competes. "I signed such a contract at Microsoft without paying too much attention. When I left, I realized that because Microsoft has a finger in everything related to software, technically I could not work in my field at all for 12 months after leaving Microsoft."

Paul Kulchenko: SOAP::Lite 0.45.

Cringely: "Steve wants to suck another $129 in almost pure profit from the very customers who will already be saving his and Apple's butts." I doubt it. The reason Apple is delaying the release of Mac OS X, purely based on tea-leave reading, is that it is not ready for users yet. The March release will certainly slip. Steve will say "There's no real reason to ship it to stores, people can download it over the Internet." And the July date will slip. It would be suicidal for Apple to put OS X in real users faces before it's exactly a clone of Mac OS 9, with a few minor improvements that aren't in your way. Unless they're stupid or very fast (it'll never happen) Mac OS X can not be pre-installed on anything other than servers for another couple of years. Software takes time. You can't hurry love. Look at the features they're bringing online now. Core stuff. (Until a couple of weeks ago the Apple logo was in the middle of the screen for crying out loud.) It might be a management technique. Keep the engineering team in 24-by-7 death-march mode. But that's probably already been going on for a couple of years. That was how Copland died, btw. Remember Copland?

What if Apple had done the deal with Be instead? Oy. They made the wrong friggin choice. There, I said it.

Survey: "Given the benefit of hindsight, would Apple have done better by merging with Be Labs instead of NeXT, Inc?"

Brrrr. It's collllld today.. Brrrr. Ice on the swimming pool. Is this really California? I guess.

We're still at Stage 3. Bring on the rolling blackouts. I've been turning things off. Last night I turned off the VCR with the blinking clock. Since my cable TV is off, I don't think I'm going to be recording any shows. ";->"

I want to show you what I've been working on. But I can't. Yet.

Hint: I've been learning to love the word blog. Weird thoughts pop into my head. What would a bloglet be? In a comment I find myself talking about a blogbox. A boolean variable named flFreshBlogBox.

I want to show you what I'm listening to. I can do that. A song for Al Gore?

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