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scriptingNews outline for 2/7/2001

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:2/7/2001; 6:07:42 AM
Topic:scriptingNews outline for 2/7/2001
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Great news. I worked with Anne Thomas Manes of Sun today, and they're changing the name of their project to avoid confusion with XML-RPC. I posted a message on the same lists that I posted my protest earlier this morning. Happiness.

News.Com: "Security-software maker Symantec on Wednesday notified rivals that it owns a pair of patents covering its method for updating virus software and definitions incrementally."

From the Great Slogans Department: "We put the 'M' in stupid."

Wouter Van daele: "As a developer who has been working on inhouse client-server applications for a large bank, I can only say that I look forward to the day when it will be easy to use web services from any platform."

Evidence of teamwork. Ev says that Dan asked Amazon if their "Honor System" is patented.

Wired: "While Dr. Stuart Meloy was putting an electrode into the her spine in an attempt to ease her chronic pain, he not only reduced her back pain, but gave her an unexpected -- but delightful -- side-effect."

I'm getting a lof of support from people on the XML mail lists. Thank you. I spent the morning working on a top-level description of Radio. We're working on the last steps (it seems, Murphy-willing) towards a "shrink wrap" version. So now again it's time to explain what it is in a few words so busy people have an idea what we're talking about.

What did we get into? Permanent link to 'What did we get into?' in archives.

Sun and Microsoft sittin in a tree. A-R-G-U-I-N-G.

Sun still doesn't know how to spell "XML-RPC". Isn't it weird that they dis the only spec that's deployed and working today? What a distraction. So damned dishonest. Do they get away with it this time?

I posted a message to the xml-dist-app, xml-dev and xml-rpc mail lists protesting Sun's generic use of "XML RPC".

When you come down to it, what I want is that developers who support XML-RPC can say they do and not have that be a confusing thing. I'd like to be able to say when I give my farewell speech that I played a role in bringing XML-RPC to the Internet and have it mean something. I don't think we could possibly hurt Sun in any way that would matter to them. It's the same song, just a little Respect. Find out what it means to me. Someday I'd like to say that Sun also played a role in making XML-RPC work.

One more thing. Let's get clear that you don't have to work at Sun or Microsoft to do something that makes a difference.

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