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scriptingNews outline for 3/5/2001

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:3/5/2001; 9:35:21 AM
Topic:scriptingNews outline for 3/5/2001
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RFC: A Little IDL. "I decided to define a simple interface definition language in XML that's suitable for scripting environments, and see if people find holes in its functionality, or if it's useful, or something we want to do. It's little and human-readable. The goal is to have it work with scripting systems that are wired up to XML-RPC or SOAP 1.1."

PC Mag on Office XP: "..the best [feature] may be the ease with which users can switch off the in-your-face automation features from the previous version. Features like automatic formatting that inserts headlines where you donít want them, or Web site publishing that uploads a whole site instead of a single page can be axed with the click of your mouse. Even the animated-paperclip help system is switched off by default."

Christopher Phan: Why The Paper Clip Sucks. "Of course, you can always get rid of him. This is what I do every time I start up any Office application. But before he disappears from the screen, he takes a second to wink."

Oooops, sometimes even a friendly paperclip gives an unfriendly message. Oh la.

WebReview: XHTML Roadmap for Designers.

WSJ: "This time last year, Silicon Valley was all about ego. Now, itís all about blame."

JMikeC: "Entries may be sparse while I play with Radio Userland. Or, there might be more since it is so easy." ";->"

Late night, late start. First thing today -- check in at various places. There are now 39 personal aggregators running, according to the Top-100 list on OFS, up from 20-something last week. Last year at this time there were two. 33 SOAP 1.1 implementations on SoapWare. More validations.

Joel Spolsky: "This week Jakob Nielsen posted an article that's supposed to tell you how to retain key staff. Now, I read the article again and again and it just doesn't say anything. All it does is list a bunch of things and then asserts that they don't work."

Interview: "Three cannibals and three anthropologists have to cross a river.."

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