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scriptingNews outline for 4/13/2001

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:4/13/2001; 7:33:18 AM
Topic:scriptingNews outline for 4/13/2001
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Good morning Killer Apps fans!

Simon Fell hit paydirt. He has Microsoft Word uploading to Manila via SOAP 1.1. Bonk!

Rob Fahrni, who works on Visio at Microsoft says: "Once Visio 2002 ships you should add it to your Killer Apps for XML-RPC. Visio will now save files as .XML natively if you choose to do so, we call them VDX's." I asked Rob to send me an example of a VDX file and he did. It is XML, and it looks like we'll probably be able to do some interesting stuff with this, perhaps generating these files from our outliner?

Jake's SOAP interop matrix is lookin pretty green! ";->"

Ken Dow is teaching Manila courses in Toronto in June. In May, for the first time, the introductory course will be offered on-line.

James Hong: From Hot Concept to Hot Site in Eight Days.

CamWorld: "A few years later I learned that the old man had died a year after that incident and that his house was being demolished to make room for a new strip mall."

Sometimes, to make things simple, you have to go all the way back to the beginning.

At yesterday's W3C workshop, during the discussion, one of the W3C guys took notes using the Amaya editor. After compiling a flat list of topics people wanted to discuss, he tried to reorganize things into categories, and all of a sudden everything got slow as he copied and pasted text to do the reorgs. To an old outliner user like me, it was painful to watch, and even more painful to think of how many people are doing face-to-face meetings this way.

Thanks to Evan and the Financial Times for the link to Speedle. Interesting idea. Their mission statement: "Speedle develops word-of-mouth technologies that enable people and businesses share, manage, and discover information."

Paul Andrews: "Once you give people the notion they can have something for free, it is very hard to all of a sudden start charging."

Brent: "You have no idea how much pure joy I get from turning computers off."

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