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scriptingNews outline for 4/17/2001

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:4/17/2001; 6:34:29 AM
Topic:scriptingNews outline for 4/17/2001
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DaveNet: The Web is a Writing Environment.

I'll be in Copenhagen on May 23, no doubt Amsterdam shortly thereafter. ";->"

Wow, I know I did good when I get a link from both Evan and Lawrence. Thanks guys! It means a lot to me.

But you wouldn't believe the pushback I'm getting from the last sentence of today's piece from people who write for print pubs. I stand by it. It's called O-P-I-N-I-O-N. Your mileage may vary. It's possible. Maybe.

BTW, before you flame me, look at the definition of integrity. I like the third branch. "The quality or condition of being whole or undivided; completeness."

Integrity is not goodness, although some people think it is. It's got a deeper quality to it.

John Perry Barlow, a lyricist himself, says, about the famous last sentence: "This one goes in my quote file. Obvious, but very tight code nonetheless." Thanks!

Glenn writes poetry: "Deep in the heart of venture capital winter, Dave sees millions of fires connected one to the other, blazing through the night. Will our flames warm the information planet, or ignite wildfires engulfing the world?"

Reuters: "These are people who are writing for their friends," Bricklin said. "No one's going to win any Pulitzer prizes."

Speak for yourself Dan, I plan to win a Pulitzer.

Joel Spolsky: "When you go too far up, abstraction-wise, you run out of oxygen. Sometimes smart thinkers just don't know when to stop, and they create these absurd, all-encompassing, high-level pictures of the universe that are all good and fine, but don't actually mean anything at all."

2/18/95: Billions of Websites. "Every writer can participate in the Web. Someday, very soon, I believe, every writer will."

OK, it depends what you mean by "very soon." ";->"

Today's song: Dangling Conversation.

What's new in Python 2.1?

I spoke with Cayce Ullman at ActZero who released a Python SOAP 1.1 implementation last night.

Look at all the SOAP validations. BTW, our validator has been updated as the interop work proceeds. It's a quick way to find out if your app is in the ballpark, before embarking on the more time-consuming matrix tests.

SlashDot: How long can the free services stay free?

Register: Yahoo gets new boss.

Jeff Barr sends a pointer to a thread on Fark.Com where people dream up signs at the Canadian border. I haven't had this good a laugh in quite a while. Lots of funny stuff.

Steve Bush is designing a new processor called The Wiz.

Tuesday? Lunch with a programmer! Permanent link to 'Tuesday? Lunch with a programmer!' in archives.

It's Tuesday and that means only one thing. Take a programmer to lunch. Give your friend the programmer a hug, a meal, some fresh air, and listen. Ask how it's going. What do you think of this or that. How could it all work better. Listen. There's a mind in there. Don't be afraid. Programmers can be friendly if you just give them a chance.

I had lunch with Rafe Needleman of Red Herring, outdoors at the Parkside Grille in Portola Valley. I didn't get a hug, but he did pay. Nice meeting. We talked about dotcoms, writing, the old days (he was reviews editor at InfoWorld in the late 80s) and other stuff. Today the weather was so gorgeous. T-shirt weather. Funky music walking weather. Yeah. Still a hint of perfume in the air.

BTW, all programmers want to tell you How It Works. In excruciating detail. As if you cared. Try to be patient. ";->"

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