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scriptingNews outline for 5/8/2001

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:5/8/2001; 12:58:58 AM
Topic:scriptingNews outline for 5/8/2001
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DaveNet: What happens when Unix is Macintosh?

YahooGroups remains silent this morning. A philosophical note. So much for the Internet routing around outages. It's so quiet. I search for ideas and controversy. Where are they? On the other hand I'm getting a lot of work done.

Survey: How many YahooGroups do you belong to?

My good friend for many years, Amy Wohl, is doing free email distribution of her newsletter. Please check it out, she's smart and is very influential. The subscription box is in the lower-right quadrant on her home page.

Mozilla 0.9 is out. Let me know how well it works, and screen shots are always appreciated.

Scot Hacker: Turning point for BeOS users?

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Good morning sports fans!

I've been doing my page-flips at weird times for the last few weeks. Today is no exception.

Hey, why not do something out of character? Why be ordinary? Why always be the same?

If I change does that mean I don't love you anymore?

So many people define themselves, or their Net personae, by what they are opposed to.

Why not try being in favor of some of the things we are opposed to?

I could decide to see things from the point of view of a patent abuser. Hmmm. My name is so-and-so and I want to trick you into thinking I'm a great inventor. So I'll take out a lot of patents and sue everyone, and even when I lose I'll appeal endlessly. Years after I'm dead, with buildings named after me at Harvard and elsewhere I'll still have been a fool who wasted his life trying to convince people I wasn't a fool.

I tried posting a message on a mail list this evening that pointed out that there's something pretty interesting going on in Mac OS X. Now the people who are opposed to Macintosh must think I've lost my mind.

I bought a delicious beverage today called Original Chai Tea Latte from Oregon Chai. I'm drinking it right now. Their slogan is "Nirvana To Go." It's very tasty. How could I say no to a drink with such a catchy slogan?

Kleiner-Perkins whiz-bang-man, Vinod Khosla provides air cover for our friends at KnowNow. "Real-time computing." Aha!

I still think it's funny that the initials RDF stand for Reality Distortion Field.

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