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Write about your experiences

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:10/5/1998; 5:02:53 AM
Topic:Write about your experiences
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Whenever I release the first version of a piece of software, I wonder how it's going to go. And here's what I always dream that people will do, I would just like you to write about your experiences.

It's OK to mention glitches, frustrations, but try not to make feature requests. You don't have to gush, how does the software work for you, what questions do you have? Do you see problems? Do you see where we're going? Ask about it.

Point to pages that show experiments you're developing. Tell the story of the work *you're* doing. That, of course, will get us all involved in your work, give us a sense of context that's often missing.

You can write to this list, or write to your website and send pointers to the list. Either way you're most comfortable writing. You're all good writers. Just be real. Anyway don't feel this is a burden. I want you to have fun, and I want to too.

On to the next feature!

Back to work...


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