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Demoing Nirvana

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:10/14/1998; 5:35:14 AM
Topic:Suggestion: Explore the Calendar
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A guy in my circle of friends, Jimmi Johnson came over for a visit yesterday. He had just bought Frontier and wanted to chat about it. So we did a 2-hour demo, very free form, very interesting for me.

I was happy to hear that he decided to buy Frontier based on the "Nirvana" demos he's been seeing on That's the best kind of feedback! So I showed him what discussionGroup.root looks like behind the scenes. He said "It's prettier than it is on the web!" I hadn't seen it that way, but he's right, it *is* prettier.

Then I showed him Clay Basket on my Mac, and we outlined the discussion group database on Nirvana. I was blown away by how logical and beautiful it was. I saw it a whole different way, thru Jimmi's eyes. I get so used to and immersed in this stuff, fresh eyes make a world of difference.

Then I showed him what a "ticket" looks like, this is something new, not visible thru the web interface. It's an outline that represents a transaction with the server. It's a writing place. All the header info is tucked away, thanks to an outline hoist. It's like an email message, but it's more powerful, since it's directed to a higher level server with a search engine, website rendering system, and an object db. XML-RPC, yes yes yes.

Jimmi is also a MORE user. He's started using it again, like a lot of people I know. Strange the way that works! So I launched MORE on my Mac, and typed an announcement of a new bit of sample code. I pretended there was a "Send to Server" command in MORE's menu bar, and selected it. Then, in my imagination, MSIE came to the front and showed me the Samples Site home page with my new item at the top.


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