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Re: Rats. Two problems with this system....

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:11/26/1998; 6:59:53 PM
Topic:Happy Thanksgiving!
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Brett! It's good to see you here..

Yes, this is kind of like LBBS. We have a little more RAM and hard disk space to play with.

Re not neutering HTML tags, well hmmm, I'm all for it, but if they are enabled, people will abuse it. Then I get to go clean it up for them. I think it's better to pretend this is like email, and live with the limits. Yes, I know the page needs to say that.

Re not displaying email addresses, what choice is there?

Re working for Steve Ballmer in the 80s, you could have taken the job, gotten the options, quit, cashed out and had billions of dollars by now. I got similar offers at different times, and wonder what would have happened. Water under the bridge, right?

So how's life in Wyoming with your sweetie?


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