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Re: Linux for Dummies?

Author:Matthew Barger
Posted:12/4/1998; 5:10:20 AM
Topic:Linux for Dummies?
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Brent Congrats on trying Linux. I decided to try Linux this summer because of the inhumane things Win95 was doing to my poor 486. [who wants to start PETOC: "People for the Ethical Treatment of Old Computers" with me? :)] Well, needless to say, Frontier is the only reason I use my Win95 partition now.

Everyone has given you some great start points so far, especially the Linux Documentation Project at .

Here are a few sites I find pivotal to my daily Linux needs: Need that daily dose of /. as much as scripting news. Don't ask me how but Linux gets easier as you become more involved with the community; it must be a mystical thing! Cool new site with quick tutorials and interviews Great place to customize the desktop. Everyone needs some playtime! secret treasure. A site dedicated to other sites helping novice linux users. I learned to install my redHat 5.1 system from one of the sites listed here. A great software listing. A TK front-end for Apache Configuration. I haven't tried it yet, but I've heard it's getting some great reviews. Also check out Michael's general Linux page (, he's got some cool quick tutorials of his own.

Good luck Brent.

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