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Runtime environment on Linux

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:12/5/1998; 11:46:00 AM
Topic:Zope vs. Frontier
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>>BTW, what do you mean by "a runtime environment on Linux to target"? I know what all the words mean, more or less, but the sentence doesn't quite compute to me.

SOmething that serves dynamic content, HTML text with macros in it, that's as popular as ASP/Allaire is on Windows.

Linux's strength is as a server platform, the Mac/Windows combination is relatively strong in editorial/graphics. So our goal is to bring people together on the platforms they're happy with for all possible kinds of writing, editing and serving.

On a practical level this means including bits of other people's scripts in the pages we generate. That's one of the reasons Brent is starting up a Linux server, so we can get a feel for what the options are, and if one method of rendering dynamic content on Linux emerges over all the others, we'll have a test-bed ready to experiment with.


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