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Re: You end up with the same soup

Author:Wesley Felter
Posted:12/5/1998; 8:20:50 PM
Topic:Zope vs. Frontier
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Dave, your message forced me to reconsider what I was saying. Thanks!

Now that I think about it, the Mac way of *writing* applications isn't better IMO, but the UI guidelines are at least better, and thus the UI of a Mac apps is likely to be better (from the user's perspective), but the code isn't necessarily better.

In terms of APIs, I think BeOS is the best and since the BeOS model is so similar to the Unix model, I like Unix too.

I like Java, but as a user I want native applications. I think it was always the programmers who wanted WORA, including myself. It's also important to make a distinction between writing to an abstract API like Java and being able to run on multiple platforms vs. writing to the Mac or Win32 API and using hacks to duct-tape your app onto a different OS. At least Java was designed with multiple implementations in mind, as opposed to APIs designed for one specific OS on one specific CPU architecture.

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