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Re: Another brain transplant

Posted:12/6/1998; 12:03:27 AM
Topic:Another brain transplant
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Dave. ...

This is way kool. ... But we (DJH) are trying to find a more distributed system so that more than one person can develop for a site.

We were thinking of simple App/root combinations that individuals can have, maintain, and render from. ... But they cannot actually write renderers, macros or scripts. The central webmaster would control renderers and scripts but the clients could write and publish all day long checking the rendering of their sub-sites without the webmasters connection at all. The entire group of sites could be changed when the central-webmaster published over the net a new set of renderers/macros/scripts to the sub app/roots.

We would use this ability to give students and teachers more control over their own work, while at the same time keeping an overall look and feel of one site, while not loosing the ability to redesign the site in a moment.

On another subject. ... I will be in San Francisco between the 3rd of Jan. and the 9th. ... I would like to give you to dinner. Perhaps there is a group of people that could discuss a few things on one evening or a long-lunch. ... That is, if Userland is going to be there for Macworld.

Jack Foster email: Developer of special projects Danmarks Journalisthøjskole The Danish School of Journalism Olof Palmes Allé 11 DK-8200 Aarhus N work phone: 45 8944 0263 work fax: 45 8616 8910 home phone: 45 9785 5003

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