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Author:Dave Winer
Posted:12/7/1998; 9:54:58 AM
Topic:Messages with Enclosures
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When I'm finished this page will have a picture attached to it, thru the View link in the Enclosure section.

The picture is one that was contributed by Phil Suh, when he was working as a school teacher in Japan, and participating in the 24 Hours of Democracy project in February 1996.

Since then we've gotten to know Phil, he lives in California now, and is working with us on some great Frontier sites. It's appropriate that a fun picture that we got to know Phil thru is the second picture that's managed in our new web-based CMS.

BTW, it's also indexed by the search engine, so you can find this image by searching for Phil's name, or by 24 Hours of Democracy, or anything else that's mentioned in this message.

BTW, the first picture I uploaded was one of the baby Emma, who was the poster child for the 24 Hours project. That picture is linked into this message:$868


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