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Author:Matt Hooper
Posted:12/7/1998; 9:57:12 AM
Topic:New feature.. Edit this Page
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This idea is neat, but it seems like it could get confusing. For example, if I read a message and then it gets revised considerably, how will i know to re-read it? I will think I've already read the message when I haven't.

It would be helpful if there was a way to easily and quickly tell if a message I read previously has been changed from the top-level listing. Also, the way I currently distenguish between read and unread messages is by the link higlighting provided by my web browser. Maybe there should be a new/read/changed column associated with a message.

One last thing, it would be way neat if changed text appeared differently to someone who is viewing the changes, but the changed text would appear as normal message to someone reading for the first time.

Just some ideas,


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