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New feature.. Edit this Page

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:12/7/1998; 5:00:55 AM
Topic:New feature.. Edit this Page
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There's a new Discussion Group feature this morning..

When you're reading a message you created there's now a big button at the top of the message that says Edit this Page.

When you click it, a new page loads with a place for you to change the subject and the body text of the message.

Jim Roepcke said: "Great for editorial systems, kinda funky for a discussion group!" I couldn't have said it better myself. This is consistent with the direction that we're going in. We are developing this discussion group as a key element in our web collaboration environment.

It's simple, now people can make spelling corrections, or correct links, or expand on an idea, or clarify a statement. In other words, editing is enabled.

We will expand this thru XML-RPC, allowing tools such as graphics programs, text editors, outliners, script editors, etc to be used in editing the content stored in the discussion group database.


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