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XML RPC In Other Environments

Author:Dave Newman
Posted:12/8/1998; 6:47:17 AM
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My read of the XML RPC spec says that it is tied specifically to web servers and thus to HTTP. Would it be of interest to people to have a version of XML RPC that is not tied to a transport medium and a server?

There could be a XML RPC spec that just describes the XML structure and then higher level specs that describe XML RPC over HTTP, or over TCP, etc.

For example, I'm serious considering using the XML structure specified in XML RPC for project I'm working on, but it involves RPC calls between a non-web client and server, using TCP (sockets) as the transport medium. Speed of the RPC call is not an issue. What I like about using XML RPC is:

a) Easy to debug - it's mostly human readable.

b) Out of order argument passing - arguments are "tagged" and can be written and read in any order.

c) Others can implement clients or servers and not have to implement a trick binary protocol for the RPC scheme.

d) Cross platform - anywhere there's an XML parser that is.


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