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Next step in the brain transplant

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:12/8/1998; 7:53:28 AM
Topic:Another brain transplant
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This morning I'm going to do the final step in the transition from tickets.root to discuss.root. As a discussion group user, this transition will be seen in two ways:

1. I've reserved 60 message numbers as slots for the 60 bits of sample code, Scripting News stories, changenotes, that we did in tickets.root during its reign as our server soup tureen. Now we're using discuss.root in that role, and the old stuff has to move into the new format.

2. There will be 60 old things in the archive for today. Maybe you missed some of them? Now you'll get a chance to take another look and this time you'll be able to comment and ask questions. This should be an interesting social learning experience.


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