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Re: Outliner feature request

Author:Ian Beatty
Posted:12/9/1998; 6:18:44 AM
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Sorry if this is the wrong forum for a feature request, but I had no luck looking at the Frontier website for the right one. A search on "feature" and "request" turned up only the Root Updates page...

The old FullWrite Professional word-processor had a rather nice outliner. One of the features I miss most is auto-numbering of outline items and subitems. I could specify the format of the "numbers" for each level of the outline (e.g. I.A.1.a.i., etc.), and FullWrite would automatically number/letter each item, adjusting things appropriately when I'd rearrange outline items.

I'd love to be able to do this in Frontier's outliner. Having numbers really helps ("Okay, let's discuss item 2A now"), but if I have to put them in by hand, I have to renumber everything every time a new item is inserted, promoted, etc.

-- Ian

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