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Author:Dave Winer
Posted:12/6/1998; 1:26:11 PM
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About a year ago I decided to go into XML, for a lot of reasons, I thought it was an important direction. Now I want to do it again, into an area called technography.

It's a simple idea. If you're going to have a meeting, you can get more done if someone is present taking notes on a computer screen so everyone in the meeting can see what's going on. If you've never tried doing this, the results can be incredible. You leave a meeting with a sense of accomplishment, knowing what you've committed to, and what others have committed to. It's a very different from most meetings which often get bogged down with small things, like email discussions or discussion group threads, and with no work product resulting from the meeting.

As I find related links on the web over the next few weeks I'll point to them. Feel free to add your own links. The goal is to accumulate knowledge about this use of computers, and let that knowledge influence the direction of our software development.

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