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Re: SQL Books

Author:Jim Roepcke
Posted:12/11/1998; 7:41:31 PM
Topic:SQL Books
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It doesn't come with NT Server 4, but maybe it does with the NT Server 4 for Small Business Bundle. It's definitely in the BackOffice Suite.

If you have VB5 or later or VC 5 or later (enterprise edition) you should have a development license of SQL server.

If not... you can download a trial from MS I think.

I'm just about to learn SQL server so I don't know about what books are good, but you shouldn't need another app to create databases... at the very 'worst' you could use SQL statements to create your data models.

I *think*, but I'm not sure, that you can use Access to create SQL server tables... I'm probably wrong about that though. I'll know much better in the next couple work days though! -- we're moving from Access97 to SQL Server 6.5 SP4. :-)


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