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Re: DSL Comments?

Author:James Spahr
Posted:12/12/1998; 12:09:23 AM
Topic:DSL Comments?
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DSL is starting become available in my area as well (New York City). The flavor of DSL my isp is offering is sDSL (as opposed to ADSL). symetric & asymetric. Its real cheap here and my isp claims that it should be more reliable than my 128k centrix isdn.

128kps isdn = $750.00/month 1,042kps sDSL = $450.00/month

I've been with 5 other isp's in NYC, and I've gotton use to the amazing service and reliability of my current ISP ( When they say that DSL should be easier and more reliable than ISDN, I'm inclined to believe them.

I'm planning to switch to DSL as soon as its available from my telco's switching station. Also remember (as I am reminded by my Dad who works for Lucent), T1's use to run on twisted pair the same as DSL lines do - so pushing 1,000 kbs down a phone line is nothing new....

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