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DSL Comments?

Author:Brent Simmons
Posted:12/11/1998; 5:36:42 PM
Topic:DSL Comments?
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I'm probably going to switch from ISDN to DSL very soon. DSL I've discovered is available in my area from US West. This will take me from 128K to 512K or higher, depending on what I choose.

But I'm only just starting to research DSL, I don't know much about it.

If you have experience with DSL, can you tell me:

1) How long it took to get installed?

2) Is your ISP responsive to service requests?

3) Is it as fast as advertised?

4) Is it reliable?

5) If you had an existing LAN, was it easy to connect?

6) Are there any gotchas to watch out for?

Any other comments you might have are totally appreciated.

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