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A Communist Christmas Joke

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:12/17/1998; 5:24:25 AM
Topic:A Communist Christmas Joke
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A Russian couple was walking down the street in Moscow when the man, Boris, was hit in the head by a drop of water.

Boris turns to his wife, Natasha, and says "I think it is raining." Natasha replies that it was just snow. "No" Boris yells, "It was rain." And so it continues.

Boris and Natasha see a comrade named Rudolf coming their way. "Let's ask Rudolf what he thinks." So Boris and Natasha explain their situation to Rudolf asking whether he thought it was rain or snow.

Rudolf exclaims, in certainty, that it was rain, not snow. "It's rain not snow," he said, and walked away.

But Natasha is stubborn! She turns to Boris and says that she is still positive it was snow. And then Boris says to Natasha..

Excuse me but.. Rudolf the Red knows rain, dear!

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