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Re: Palmtop to XML-RPC

Author:Brian M. Criscuolo
Posted:1/5/1999; 11:40:29 AM
Topic:Scripting News for PalmPilot users
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Our whole deal here at DataViz is compatability - how can we make the thing you have compatible with something else, from file translation to mac disk mounting to offline browsing to palmtop data synchronization. So now we enter another arena, bringing your desktop documents to your Palm.

I'm giving some thought to how we or someone else could do something like this - tying into Frontier. Let me ask an open question: What would you want to write in on the Palm? The basic Memo pad? Some kind of outliner (maybe BrainForest)? Right now we aren't doing two way synchronization, its only downstream to the Palm. We're coming to market soon, so things won't change in the near future.

Dave, I'm not totally familiar with the XML-RPC scheme, but I know what its about and stuff. Would an application utilizing this be required to connect via TCP/IP? Say our app wants to communicate with Frontier, would we have to open up a socket and send away?

It does add a layer we never even thought of - but it could be a great thing, somehow. I'll think more and let you know.


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