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Re: It's like standing in an ice cream parlour

Author:Phil Wolff
Posted:1/9/1999; 4:57:33 PM
Topic:How Frontier Changed My Life
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About the chair > We're almost going back to the mouse potato, making it so comfortable to compute that you don't ever want to leave your chair and you sit there even through the reruns. I saw a recliner from Finland or Sweden like that at the 1998 Internet World in L.A. but it ran a few thousand bucks.

About the iMac colors > I was in a sales training class from IBM around 1982 when we talked about helping people make decisions. There was an MIS manager who'd had 9 months of guys in blue suits giving presentations, demos, analyses, and benchmarks on a $3 million mainframe purchase. The IBM account rep was about to miss quota and got creative. He went to his service department and got a spare door panel, cut it into pieces, bought 5 colors of spray paint and colored them. At his next meeting he pulled them out asked the buyer to pick the color. He did, he signed the paperwork authorizing the color, then the paperwork for the whole deal. Techs spray painted the new system's panels Sunshine Yellow and the rep was sent to Cancun with the other leading salespeople.

about the slate > anyone ever try the Cross Pad? How about the Wacom tablet with Visio? Dave, if you think in boxes, Visio might suffice.

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