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Re: It's like standing in an ice cream parlour

Author:Brett g Porter
Posted:1/12/1999; 8:55:01 AM
Topic:How Frontier Changed My Life
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The latest issue of Metropolis magazine (covering architecture & design) has a cover story titled "The Money of Color" & goes into the processes by which color trends come and go. Especially interesting is a case study where a Ford product manager introduced a shade of Teal in the early 90's. There were models where Teal not only accounted for more than 50¨f the units ordered, it was believed responsible for increasing that name plate's market share by several percent. the iMac has made it clear that the other PC mfrs are ignoring this at their own expense. (How many sales has Gateway won strictly on the basis of the cute Cow boxes -- more than a few, you can bet....and that's a design aspect meant to be discarded!)

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