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Frontier-XML Tutorial

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:1/12/1999; 8:22:59 AM
Topic:Frontier-XML Tutorial
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I'm doing a speaking gig in mid February at the 99 conference.

The topic is "XML and Scripting: Building Applications Using Frontier 5". It's a 3.5 hour tutorial. That's enough time to get in there and do some work.

Here's the question. What should I show them? Of course I will show them how we use XML in our content management applications. I'll probably give them a sneak preview of the role XML editing plays in Frontier 6. (I'm such a tease!)

Immediately I think of the DOM implementation that Tallent is working on. How's that going?

Want some ideas? Check out our XML site..

Do you have any applications that are fundamentally different from the ones we're developing?

Help me plan this session.. Thanks!

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