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Python's modularity?

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:1/13/1999; 6:12:19 AM
Topic:Scripting on Windows
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Python is extremely modular, making it easy to mix and match components from different sources. Saying that "Python doesn't have this or that" is usually misleading -- chances are that there are components available that does exactly that.

About Python's modularity, at what level can the integration take place? Can I hook in a module to catch all variable references and assignments?

To match Frontier you'd also have to have an object database browser/editor that can be connected into the programming language so that when a variable value changes it also changes in the browser display.

This leads to the conclusion that we came to a few years ago. You can't compare a scripting language to Frontier. It's like comparing a scripting language to Excel. THey're not comparable.

My original comment was in response to hearing many Python users say over many years "We have this" when they hear about the odb. After talking to the Zope guy, I realized finally that it's not true, they don't have it.

Frederick, if you'd be open to the possibility that there's something out there in the scripting world that hasn't been invented in Python (yet) you might have your doors blown off when you realize how powerful it is to have a persistent storage system *deeply* integrated into a scripting environment.

Personally, I think it's the major thing that keep Perl and Python and Tcl et al from being competitive with Frontier.

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