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XML-RPC, Object serialization, Perl

Author:Steve Ivy
Posted:1/13/1999; 6:28:22 AM
Topic:XML-RPC, Object serialization, Perl
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I've been looking into XML-RPC again, as I'm going to have a Linux box at home soon and I want to play with Frontier, XML-RPC, and Perl. I think I'm seeing that Frontier does the object packaging if you're going to be sending around tables and such. I'm wondering, (and am I just missing something?) if there is a way to encode tables as some xml format, then only serialize binaries, i.e. images?

I'm asking because it's be cool if I could send a table from frontier to a perl script, and have the Perl script turn it into a hash, and make it all available to do whatever with it.

It's possible I've missed something very basic about the XML-RPC machanism, or didn't really grok Ken MacLeod's Frontier::XMLRPC documentation...

Anyone have any ideas/pointers?


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