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Re: WDDX Annotated DTD

Author:Josh Lucas
Posted:1/13/1999; 6:30:27 AM
Topic:WDDX Annotated DTD
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Here is an interesting link at It is a white paper about the possible uses for WDDX.

From reading the two specs again, I think I have a better handle on the differences and similarities of the two. Here are my thoughts. Hopefully I've read things correctly.

WDDX's main focus is to allow for distributed data exchange between various clients and servers. Because it is done in XML and uses HTTP, it can be used by different langauges. It is not trying to handle RPC-like situations because it feels that the "traditional" RPC enviroments, COM, CORBA, and Java RMI, are too complicated and lock you into a single solution.

What WDDX wants to do is have HTTP requests be made to WDDX-ready servers and return WDDX XML. Their example would be for a Perl application to send an HTTP request to a Cold Fusion server and have the XML returned which Perl can deal with locally. This is easily something that Frontier can handle. It could be either the server or the client since it can handle HTTP requests as well as parse and deal with XML.

Since I don't see any info in the spec, I'm guessing that a WDDX-aware server which will be watching for particular URI(s) in order to know when to return WDDX. Probably some parameters can be sent via GET or POST.

It seems that a very powerful possibility would be to embed WDDX into ond the param(s) in an XML-RPC call. I think that would be the best of both worlds.

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