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Re: XML-RPC, Object serialization, Perl

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:1/13/1999; 6:35:45 AM
Topic:XML-RPC, Object serialization, Perl
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Answer I'm confused by the question, but I'll try to answer anyway.. ;-> When Frontier receives an XML-RPC message, the call is handled by betty.rpc.server. For each parameter it calls: xml.coercions.structToFrontierValue to turn an XML-RPC parameter structure into a Frontier value, a combination of scalars, tables and lists, recursively as complex as you like. On the client side, each parameter is encoded according to the spec by betty.rpc.client, by calling: xml.coercions.frontierValueToTaggedText which turns an odb structure containing scalars, tables and lists, again combined recursively in as complex a fashion as you like, into tagged XML text, again, according to the XML-RPC spec. Hope this helps..

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