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Re: Staging Server

Author:Brent Simmons
Posted:1/13/1999; 12:48:34 PM
Topic:Staging Server
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I suspect you're changing your #fileExtension preference. You don't need to do this -- .wsf will work via the website framework responder even if #fileExtension is set to .html or whatever.

In other words, your glossary entries should respect your #fileExtension pref, even when running as .wsf pages, so your glossary entries shouldn't be changed. The glossary lookup mechanism (html.refGlossary) automatically substitutes .wsf as needed in its output, it doesn't touch the actual glossary.

If I'm wrong about what's going on here, let me know. The place to trap the problem is in html.addPageToGlossary: look at the end of the script, where it gets the file extension and adds it to glossary entry.

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