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Re: Frontier-XML Tutorial

Author:Deke Smith
Posted:1/14/1999; 8:36:08 PM
Topic:Frontier-XML Tutorial
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One thing that may be interesting for conversation is the concept of Frontier as an application server. It is already one, in fact, when used with an interface like DynAuthor.

The real value of combining Frontier with XML is that Frontier very naturally fills the application server role. Philippe Dambournet mentioned the possibility to me, for example, of a Frontier-based collaboration environment using a TMX processor embedded in the ODB. Frontier could act as a hub for clients created in HTML, Java, or Director to give users translation services based on a central machine.

The HTML client has been easy to create with Frontier for a while now. With the integration of XML processing, it makes creating clients for a Frontier-based application server much easier in other GUI languages.

There are many possibilities. Another example would be to use Frontier as an application server for genealogical research. Family information could be stored using the GedML DTD. Individuals could be given permission to add their research and comments to family trees stored as XML in the odb. Individuals could search for information and plot family relationships not with a genealogical program on their computer, but a light client (in HTML, Java, or Director) which would give them access to a Frontier application server. And the application server could give them a GedML file of the information if they want it.

These types of uses are what give Frontier XML the most potential, in my opinion. And it's potential is not just in the realm of Website management.


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