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Look at WDDX as well

Author:Simeon Simeonov
Posted:1/17/1999; 9:36:29 AM
Topic:XML-RPC, Object serialization, Perl
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Take a look also at WDDX and XML-RPC people are currently in discussion on how to get interoperability:$2078. For now, Brent Simmons has built an XML-RPC to WDDX converter:$2168. I've built a WDDX to XML-RPC converter and am working on making a C++ distribution available soon.

WDDX focuses on data exchange alone, without the XML-RPC semantics. As far as data exchange is concerned, it takes care of some issues that XML-RPC has not addressed yet:$2175. This does not, however, mean that you cannot deal with these issues in XML-RPC:$2179.

There is a WDDX Perl implementation.


Sim, Allaire

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