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RFC/Feedback : Frontier Spell Checker

Author:James Spahr
Posted:1/17/1999; 4:43:21 PM
Topic:Exploring WDDX
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I needed a spell checker for Frontier, so I spent a couple hours yesterday and made one. It is insanly simple, and it should be completely cross platform.

It does not suggest words, only points out spelling errors. It also supports multiple dictionaries.

I'm a bit unsure if my solution for filting the words was wise. (Basically if a word fails to be in the dictionary it passes through several filters to see if the word can be changed, like if the word is designers, the filters will try designer)

The filters could be tons more accurate if I could get a word list that listed the words as noun, verb, ect. Does anyone know where I could get such a word list?

the pakage is available here (1.5M):

or for windows folks:

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