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Re: RFC/Feedback : Frontier Spell Checker

Author:Grant Rauscher
Posted:1/29/1999; 10:33:34 AM
Topic:Exploring WDDX
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Aren't robust spell-checking services likely to appear in the near future? Distributed apps like aren't too many steps away from the complexity required I think... are there plans for some relatively-malleable hooks for this type of functionality? (Duh, if the service is respectable it'll offer XML-RPC hooks!) I figure the very same types of hooks could be used on content as well as markup, a la syntax checking.

On the workstation integration side, I've started using Alpha, and haven't spent much time with it yet, but these kinds of connections are very useful, and the more applicable to a class of functionality the better. Imagine being able to use a group of dictionaries simultaneously, arranging the order they're applied yourself or allowing your writers to.

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