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Re: New feature.. Edit this Page

Author:Oliver Wrede
Posted:1/24/1999; 10:33:57 AM
Topic:New feature.. Edit this Page
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Well, your assumption is not quite right, but maybe I expressed myself not clear enough.

Usually pages in Frontier look like this:

#title "MyTitle"

#myowndirective "whatevervalue"

My text goes here...

What I am looking for is an example script for the website framework, for a feature similar to the "Edit this page" button in the DG.

Frontier is quite complex and hard to learn (a fact those people often forget, which are already used to it), and the best way to learn Frontier to me is looking at example scripts (tutorials are good, but often too common and sometimes hardly to apply to own ideas...)

What if you'd post the "Edit this page"-feature as an example to learn from?


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