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Re: WDDX Annotated DTD

Author:Simeon Simeonov
Posted:1/25/1999; 7:53:23 AM
Topic:WDDX Annotated DTD
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True, but in the long run internal versioning creates less headaches.

For example, you'd want a new server to be able to accept requests created by older clients on the new server URL, no? Otherwise you'd have to upgrade all your clients before installing a new server. Well, if you want to solve this problem you'll have to add code to the server that checks the version of the request, anyway.

Dave, if you see a way around this that works in the long run, let me know. I've thought about the problem for a long time and nothing comes to mind. BTW, that's one reason for pushing for a separation between transport, encoding, and the information that the server needs at the spec level and not just at the implementation level.

Sim, Allaire

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