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QuicKeys scripts in Frontier (Mac)

Author:Philippe Martin
Posted:1/28/1999; 5:28:26 PM
Topic:Frontier Questions and Answers
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Will Trillich <> asked the following on the ScriptMeridian Community List:

if you have a pointer to where i should look for scripting QUICKEYS via frontier, please post it! (at the bottom of any script window i have scripting system options UserTalk, AppleScript, and QuicKeys.)


Frontier lets you create, edit and run scripts in any installed OSA language, including QuicKeys Scripts (if QuicKeys is properly installed). Of course, since QuicKeys doesn't understand UserTalk, the scripts must be written in "QuicKey Script".

CE Software, the editor of QuicKeys, provides a manual called "QuicKeys Script User Guide", with explanations and examples. But the easier, to get started, is to use the record function:

  1. Create a new script object.
  2. Change its language from UserTalk to QuicKeys (using the popup menu)
  3. Click on the Record button of the script window
  4. Do the actions you want to record
  5. Click on the Stop button of the script window

That's it, the recorded script will appear in the script window. In most cases it will be usable immediately, sometimes you'll want to edit it for more general uses.


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